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The Process and Report Current Report: May 2008 Update
June 2008 Mini-Report: June 2008 Update

A critically important feature of any database is its accuracy through time, in a world that is constantly changing. It's a challenge that we address in many ways. For example, we provide the update date in the lower right corner of each record so we have a marker for periodic updating. But, chronology is only one criterion.

We've identified the most dynamic operations and companies, for updating, at least 2 times per year. We constantly scan the trade press for news of changes. These usually trigger interviews. We take advantage of those phases of company development, when they are in a PR mode, and take special note when they are reclusive. We have a great network, with whom, we are always exchanging information. The data already compiled provides reference points for great leverage for update interviews.

Updating is a continuous process that provides material for periodic reports. In these we flag the operations that have grown 10% or more in sales year-to-year. Reports, four per year, include summaries of closures and acquisitions. Industry perspectives are another feature.

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