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Fabfile Online Press & Industry Research Articles

November 17, 2003:   Fabfile Online forms Exclusive Sales Alliance and offers New Price Structure
January   22, 2005:    Is This Industry Really Necessary?
January   31, 2005:    National Academy of Science Workshop Weighs PCB Industry's Worth
March   14, 2005:        Movie of Harvey Miller describing Fabfile Online
December 31, 2007:   What Do Merrimac Industries Inc. and ASE have in Common?
January   22, 2008:    When Will That Elusive Liquid Crystal Film Polymer Market Break into the Big Time?
January   30, 2008:    Comparing Two Flexible Circuit Companies: Innovex and M-Flex
March   03, 2008:       The History of Electronics is the History of Thermal Solutions, Part I
May   03, 2008:          Innovation in Electronic Interconnection: Which Will Ultimately Prevail?

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