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How Fabfile Online was put online in less than 5 months
Fabfile Systems effectively closed April 2003. That offered Harvey Miller, long associated with that entity, a great opportunity, described below. To contact Harvey please call (650) 328-4550 or email to .

A main feature of a web-accessible database is its ability to instantly deliver up-to-the-minute information. That access is made easier still by inclusion of a newsletter on the site. The newsletter will enumerate data changes on a daily basis, coded by company number for clients. Alternatively, the newsletter will be free and accessible to all who go to, after October 4, 2003.

There are many other enhancements and future perspectives, appropriate to this era of dynamic change.

Segmentation—the ubiquitous, pervasive, sometimes maligned, printed circuit board industry is actually many industries. We are recognizing this by creation out of the existing database, the following new databases—with more coming later.

FLEXFAB includes all producers of flexible printed circuits, dedicated and part-time. All the industry differentiations now become possible and we will do them, focusing on flex.

LOW Dk FAB includes all producers of boards with laminates whose dielectric constant is less than 3.5. Application subsets range from high speed digital literally merging into analog to all the flavors of microwave and wireless--- all will now be differentiable by structure and function.

PROTOFAB is defined by Part Numbers per Month equal to or greater than 200 and 40% or more of them new part numbers. Ray Boisonneau of Electropac pointed out that all shops aspire to be prototype these days. This database will separate out those who are.

A future perspective

BACKPLANES, standard and custom, respectively driven by embedded computers and by big boxes in networking, base stations, servers, telecom. B/Ps are a natural value-added extension to a new database. As George Dudnikov of Sanmina SCI pointed out -- the more little boxes made in China, the more big boxes made on this side.

It took a great team

From Enfinitee Interactive, Inc., Yvonne Shevnin and Mike Coffey—thank you, French New Orleans and the Australian Outback, for giving us such talented web designers and database programmers. Dave Angst PhD, an expert in signal integrity, is also pretty good with computer hardware and knowledgeable in Adobe Framemaker for our newsletter. Besides he is a sage advisor who helps steer a level course.

And Dan Miller is an indefatigable, creative interviewer and salesman. Harvey Miller also comes with the package.
    MANY STEPS BETWEEN CONCEPT AND EXECUTION: Putting Fabfile on the Internet

First, we made the decision to modernize to a web application. Data was previously delivered every 3 months by CD. Second, we located a suitable database developer to design and implement the web application. It’s not like an Amazon or eBay catalogue.

Then came design of the new system. That involved conversion from the old system. Finally, came implementing the new system, refinements and testing.

Then an inspired afterthought -- provide the newsletter online to communicate updates to clients and share information with all.

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